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Tech cleanout

I have next week off and I am going to be working my butt off sorting shit out.

I am going to be going through all my old computers and working out what I need and dont need and I am going to be sorting out the garage which is going to be my office.

I have a new case + motherboard bundle coming next week which I am going to turn into a development workstation and I will be installing Linux on it. Which version, I dont know yet but I do know that I am also going to be setting up another machine to act as a VirtualBox server running headless vbox machines.

It’s possible that I will have to get another processor and 16gb of Ram (2x8gb) for my main computer and moving the 16Gb in that to the vbox server.

In the end, I just want to be left with the following:

1 high end desktop (my games machine)
1 desktop (the new workstation)
1 firewall server (my old dell desktop)
1 Windows 2008 server
1 VirtualBox server (capable of running Windows desktop OS’s and Linux desktops)

And thats it.

I am also going to discuss with the guys I share the place with, about re-vamping the house network. I have a 4 port 1gBaseT Ethernet over power adapter and a bunch of 200mbps and 500mpbs adapters to spread the load around.

Have to see how it all goes 😀