This is good stuff

I have been working at Intel in Shannon, Ireland for nearly 2 months now and I have been doing some really awesome stuff. As things sit, some of the jQuery development I have been doing is one of a kind stuff. This stuff, I will be doing posts on because of it’s pure awesomeness.

I have created a quick and easy hierarchical tree unit and the administration section to actually create that stuff. I need to re-work it for php so that I can either send the information to a JSON file or store the elements in a database with a full parent/child relationship setup. I might also set it up so that I can write it to XML as well.

What I will be doing is really setting up my tutorials section where I will be putting this stuff…

Toodle pip 😀

Tech cleanout

I have next week off and I am going to be working my butt off sorting shit out.

I am going to be going through all my old computers and working out what I need and dont need and I am going to be sorting out the garage which is going to be my office.

I have a new case + motherboard bundle coming next week which I am going to turn into a development workstation and I will be installing Linux on it. Which version, I dont know yet but I do know that I am also going to be setting up another machine to act as a VirtualBox server running headless vbox machines.

It’s possible that I will have to get another processor and 16gb of Ram (2x8gb) for my main computer and moving the 16Gb in that to the vbox server.

In the end, I just want to be left with the following:

1 high end desktop (my games machine)
1 desktop (the new workstation)
1 firewall server (my old dell desktop)
1 Windows 2008 server
1 VirtualBox server (capable of running Windows desktop OS’s and Linux desktops)

And thats it.

I am also going to discuss with the guys I share the place with, about re-vamping the house network. I have a 4 port 1gBaseT Ethernet over power adapter and a bunch of 200mbps and 500mpbs adapters to spread the load around.

Have to see how it all goes 😀

Waterbabies and Watercritters

Hi, I have started working on both of these sites for my sister and her business partner, D’Ann Levy and I will be getting them looking all schmik and shiny.

At the moment, they are residing at and Eventually they will be moving to their own domains on my server.

WordPress Development stuff

My sister and one of her friends just brought a swim school over in Zurich and they have been talking about the whole thing and how they are going to have websites and the like. The unfortunate thing is that their domains are pointed at So I have kindly offered to host them on my server and help them get setup and everything. Then eventually they will run everything of their own. So what I am going to do is help them setup a wordpress blog to start off with so that they can maintain their own content and then I will help them create their own themes for the sites.

I am going use creating the themes as a tutorial on here, based on the tutorials… but I am also going to include creating widgets and stuff as part of the tutorials.

Should be interesting

Padding a string with leading zeros

Started the new job here and I was going through the code with the boss of the developers and found a couple of interesting things that I said could be sorted out with a lot short notation. One of the things that I spotted was his looping through something and adding zero’s to the start of it.

I mentioned that it could be sorted our with a single line of code… he was amazed that you could do that.

So here is the code:

response.write Right(String(4,"0") & n, 4)

This is of course done in Classic ASP. All it does is create a string of length 4 and then append the number (n) at the end… easy.